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Project & Mission .

The AGORARISK project aims to promote dialogue between researchers, citizens, technicians and decision-makers about environmental issues in Estarreja. More precisely, it aims to understand the conditions of possibility of dialogue and joint work between different worlds and knowledge, in order to experiment and co-produce effective tools to reduce the gap between technical-scientific knowledge and the knowledge of citizens.

The Estarreja region has been the object of scientific studies in diverse areas. Several national and international research teams are studying the contamination problems in Estarreja. However, despite the existence of results, the integration of knowledge is still difficult and public communication is poorly stimulated. Situations of debate with the population involving scientists, technicians, or state agents are rare.

Our project intends to facilitate the approach of different local actors that live in contaminated areas, creating, in an experimental way, conditions for dialogue about uncertainties and risks related to environmental and health issues. The involvement of the populations is a necessary, but sensitive and complex dimension. The project thus proposes an experimental participatory approach, encouraging scientists to work with local actors (institutions, technicians, citizens), inviting local actors to discover new research perspectives.

Initiatives .

Our initiatives are codesigned with our partners in Estarreja. This work started with an inclusive idea of environment described and defined by the locals, young and seniors.

Projeto e Missão
As nossas iniciativas

Oficina de diálogo: Viver Estarreja!

Diálogo e interação com alunas/os sobre transformações e vivências socioambientais de Estarreja e produção de um painel de sistematização



Partners .

The project is headquartered at ISEG at the University of Lisbon and involves several disciplinary areas with the aim of providing the crossing of knowledge and knowledge on topics such as water, soils, contamination and environmental and social transformations in Estarreja. The national partners are the University of Lisbon through the Superior Institute of Economics and Management and the Superior Technical Institute and the University of Coimbra through the Center for Social Studies of Coimbra. The international partner is the French Institute INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment).

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